Any modern company and its economic situation depend on many external factors and the dynamics of their changes. Through the variety and number of these factors, the decision-making system of managers and executives of a particular company is significantly complicated. This is why increasing the resilience of the implemented changes becomes more stable.

Moreover, the manager must understand the sustainability stage of his company. Because of this understanding, management specialists can correctly implement all the tools, techniques, and methods for the transformation project. All these stages constitute the progressive movement of the particular company on the path of sustainable development.

Assessment of the sustainability level of the company allows specialists and experts to apply all the principles of sustainable development in the production and management of the work team and the whole business system. In this article, we will talk about how Konstantin Strukov┬áinfluenced the development of the Yuzhuralzoloto Group Ltd and made it more effective and stable at all stages of elaboration of the company’s structure.

Yuzhuralzoloto and its sustainable development through the years

Each company must function efficiently and develop by modern economic principles. Today, the following rule applies: sustainable development is guaranteed if the organization is highly ready to change the business structure.

There are several principles of sustainable development at the production of Yuzhuralzoloto Group. First of all, all these principles must be consistent with the values of the enterprise, the generally accepted moral laws, and the conditions of sustainable development. Let’s list the essential ones:

  1. Yuzhuralzoloto provides employee behaviors, the most effective principles of leadership, and the responsible and enthusiastic attitude of managers and other professionals to their work.
  2. Occupational safety is equally important to ensure sustainable development. Company leaders should set an example of good work for other employees. This ensures smooth production and office work.
  3. Correct implementation of sustainability strategies, transparent market analytics of the needs of customers and investors, and an effective system for creating production and financial goals for the future stages of the company’s development.
Konstantin Strukov
Konstantin Strukov

Yuzhuralzoloto sustainability would have been impossible without the influence and professionalism of Konstantin Strukov. As general director, he always has plans and aspirations to realize additional responsibility in the production and management of the company. As a result, the whole business project has become more successful over the years. The business configuration and its sustainability system would not be as efficient.


Any organization and business with a low level of readiness for changes in the business structure will not be able to hold the tools of transformation and change that were implemented already. To avoid these risks, specialists analyze the current level of development of the production system for Yuzhuralzoloto. Konstantin Strukov’s company tends to implement all the necessary tools and techniques that provide the best transformational project for it and guarantee sustainable development for Yuzhuralzoloto in the future stages of its business model.