The plan is a document that provides details of the project. It includes activity descriptions, startup costs, planned results, stages of development, and other important information. It is optional to write the document yourself, and you can entrust its writing to a specialist. In this case, you may encounter the issue of the cost of a business plan, and various factors affect this.

Features of the business plan

Business planning is the first stage of any project launch. Here are the main features of this document:

  • Аnalysis of competitors.
  • Forecast of the company’s activity for a certain period.
  • Formulation of business objectives.
  • Analysis of financial investments and business payback.
  • Employee coordination.

Your bank or potential investors may require a business plan for you to issue a loan. You can make it yourself or order from experts. How much it costs to prepare a business plan depends on the company to which the entrepreneur turns. Large companies offer such services, as well as small companies and freelancers.


You will need a business plan for at least a year. The optimal period for this is three to five years. The document contains basic information about business development and its prospects. The primary mission of the business plan is to convince potential investors that the project will be successful and that invested money and effort will pay off. The document is necessary for the manager too. The entrepreneur will be able to assess the risks and choose the right strategy.

Where you can order a business plan

Where to order the service depends on various factors. You do not need to contact large companies if the project is small. Sometimes making a plan with your own skills is advisable. If the entrepreneur wants to use the services of specialists, they may apply to freelancers.

There are numerous online exchanges where you can order a business plan. At the same time, the dealing will be completely secure, and resource employees will be watching for it. The entrepreneur has the opportunity to choose a contractor according to reputation, experience, and cost of services.

How much it costs to make a plan depends on different factors. Among them are the volume, specificity of the company, and timing of execution. The price is influenced by where the document is drawn up. If you order a business plan, its cost depends on the contractor’s professionalism.

The document should contain information only about the project, and there should be nothing superfluous — the optimal size of its 30 pages. The information in the document should concern only the business project. The plan has many valuable functions. It is if it is developed not formally but by understanding the company’s specifics and the current situation in the market of services or goods. The business plan can be an effective tool to achieve the goal.

The document can be internal or external. In the first case, the business plan is needed by the manager. It will help you to consider the effectiveness of the activity, providing for an adjustment of the strategy. This is a document written for external use, and it is essential for investors, partners, and banks.

Business plans are developed to obtain funding, bring the company out of a crisis, and sell or buy the company. It is better to entrust the drafting of the document to specialists. They are in possession of the situation in the market of services and know current trends in a particular field. The document’s design refers both to large companies and small firms or exchanges freelance.