Hideman VPN is an Android application for automatically connecting to a VPN service and unlocking access to some Internet resources. With this simple program, you can visit any site. This is especially important today, as new sanctions are always emerging in American, European and Russian culture. In addition, those who legitimately consider the Internet to be a territory that is free of all government pressure and control should be able to circumvent such artificial barriers.

Especially since every year, monitoring in the Network is becoming more and more rigorous. Today, even the site of the favourite online cinema is not easily accessible. Since the Internet has become a tough crackdown on copyright infringements. However, Hideman VPN app will easily fix this difficulty. It is recommended to install Lark Player if you need to download some multimedia content from prohibited sites to view it offline. It is enough to download its installation any apk free.

In addition to free access to all sites, Hideman VPN also increases your security on the Web many times over. Now the attackers will not steal your personal data, and the various web resources that monitor the behaviour of users on the Internet will not be able to continue this surveillance.

VPN connection

Hideman VPN app allows users to automatically connect to a remote server. One hour of usage is available free of charge for all. Then you need to watch a little commercial. In order to resume the VPN connection, you should press a large round button on the application interface. In addition, each user can choose their own country to connect to a new IP address by bypassing all locks.

Once the VPN connection indicator will be activated, you can start surfing the web. In addition, it should be taken into account that the free version has limited functionality and connection speed.

We must warn you that communication with remote servers does not stop. However, boot resets sometimes occur. Nevertheless, don’t worry, they don’t last more than 10 seconds. However, each user can expect a relatively stable connection throughout the free trial period.

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Hideman VPN

Main characteristics

One of the main technical features of the application is the end-to-end encryption feature, which disables the ability to steal confidential data. As a result, users can rely on reliable security to help them escape search algorithms. This helps avoid tracking your actions on the Internet too. That’s why any user can anonymously travel to sites, do applications free downloads or any other content without consequences.

Users can also change IP addresses on request. This provides additional network privacy. This option allows access to blocked sites in a particular region. That is, Hideman VPN will allow you to search and download various files, videos and browse social networks that are prohibited by the state of the current user.

General features of this program:

  • application for accessing blocked sites;
  • one hour access to VPN free;
  • encryption technology for blocking teaser advertising;
  • automatic selection of the most suitable server;
  • program is compatible with compatible versions of Android.